Confidentiality Pledge

Safeguarding your information is our top priority. When you connect with us for a consultation, rest assured that your privacy is of utmost importance.

Our Commitment: We're committed to treating any information you share during our consultations with the highest level of discretion. Whether it's project specifics, creative concepts, or sensitive details, we'll keep it strictly within our circle.

What's Considered Confidential:This encompasses any information that's not publicly available. Think project plans, financial details, names of talent, client names, agency and other key partners, the special sauce of your particular pitch, etc. If there is something specific you want to make sure is not shared beyond the initial consultation, you are welcome to specifically flag that, but as a policy, we assume everything is confidential.

Our Assurance:
1. We won't disclose your information to any unrelated external parties or competitors.
2. We won't use or share your information outside our organization and trusted partners without your explicit consent.
3. If it's essential to involve trusted partners for your project, we'll ensure they uphold the same confidentiality standards.

What Falls Outside Our Commitment: Our commitment doesn't extend to information that was already known or made public through other means. 

Managing Clients on Competing Bids: Occasionally, consultation requests from companies bidding on the same project might come our way. Know that we won't divulge details of others' requests to you, and vice versa. Your business is your business.

Clarifications or Concerns: If you have other questions about how we ensure confidentiality, don't hesitate to ask. We're also glad to sign standard Non-Disclosure agreements.

15 min Verbal Consultation
Ideal for projects under $100k. During the call, we'll provide verbal recommendations on scope and budget, which you may utilize in your bid with our name attached.
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1 hr Consultation with Written Brief
| $85 |
Designed for more complex projects, typically over $100k. Includes a written call debrief, complete with a budget estimate and a comprehensive breakdown of our recommendations provided after the call.
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